Erth's legacy is built on its uniqueness

Erth's legacy is built on its uniqueness

Drawing on clear visions, deliberate plans, and international real estate experience, Erth has established quality and outstanding projects. With international standards as a foundation, our projects contribute to sustainability, encourage innovation, and provide the highest quality options to meet all needs.

Things we do

Real Estate Development

Using international standards and modern technologies, we develop different types of properties with excellence. . Learn more

Property and Facilities Management

With our property management system, we facilitate property management and provide clients with a hassle-free experience . . Learn more.

Housing Schemes Development

We develop housing schemes of high quality that elevate residents' experiences to new heights of excellence. . Learn more

Investment in the Hospitality and Hotel Sector

We develop world-class luxury facilities in the hospitality and hotel sector. . Learn more

Our Vision

Our Vision

To be a leading property developer in establishing outstanding real estate projects that will contribute to our nation’s distinctive legacy on earth.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Providing the highest quality real estate services in accordance with international standards.


Saud Abdullah Al-Rajhi

Saud Abdullah Al-Rajhi

Thanks to God, we have made steady progress, which has paved the way for our accomplishments. As a result, we have delivered exclusive real estate products to our community. Based on that, Erth will continue on this path and contribute to the promotion of the real estate industry locally and globally, particularly in the areas of housing, hospitality, and commercial offices, in line with KSA 2030 vision. 

Erth seeks to contribute to achieving this vision, as well as provide services that enhance the quality of life in KSA at the highest international and quality standards. We aim to make a lasting impact in the real estate sector and stand out from others.

Erth has also contributed to the development of the hospitality sector in KSA, as well as delivering real estate services aligned with the Kingdom’s vision to improve architectural masterpiece hotels that are representative of our community’s uniqueness and originality.

The expansion of our projects has allowed us to cover the business sector with high- quality real estate projects, and we are grateful to God for that. We provide them with luxury projects for offices equipped with the latest technology. 

We will continue to establish quality projects that serve various sectors and build a lasting legacy for Erth.

Thanks, and appreciation extend to Erth’s team for all the efforts they have put into the delivery of these luxurious projects which enhance our country’s image. 

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